Smart Helmets: The Future of Learning?

Augmented reality isn’t a thing of science fiction anymore: It’s making its way into the real world.

Daqri is a company that manufactures a number of virtual reality devices that make on-the-job learning faster, safer, and more effective.

In this video on, they give a demo of how the helmet works in a typical manufacturing setting, where complicated dials and machines require a steep learning curve. When wearing the smart helmet, a virtual UI with FAQs and other helpful instructions overlays what you see in reality, so you can interact with the environment around you in a way that makes you more effective.

Which got me to thinking: is this the future of coaching systems? Coaching is, after all, another form of learning.

What if you could wear your smart helmet or smart sunglasses, and get tips on how to approach the sexy person on the other side of the bar from your relationships coach (or a program that she built)?

Or maybe while you’re playing tennis, you could get immediate feedback from your coach (again, it might be pre-programmed or real, or a combo) to help you perfect your swing or defend a shot from your opponent.

25 years ago, the thought that there would be an explosion of opportunity for people to learn in an “online world”–and coaches to teach them–would have been perceived as “sci-fi” as these smart helmets are today.

Is this (or something like it) where we are headed?