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New! Autopilot With Slides


More Realistic “Evergreen Webinars”

Instant Teleseminar’s Autopilot feature now includes automated slides, for a truly “live webinar” audience experience.

Autopilot lets you:

(1) Create a live “Evergreen” webinar that happens over and over again on the dates & times you specify

(2) Have as many “takes” as you need to make a better presentation

(3) Record your interviews at your convenience, then play them back as if live…perfect for telesummits.

There are other “evergreen” webinar systems out there that are basically online videos that broadcast at a specific time…making them somewhat suspicious to the audience.

Instant Teleseminar’s Autopilot is much more realistic. By giving your audience a choice of connecting by phone or by web, Autopilot is truly indistinguishable from an actual live event.

Read This Article to learn how Autopilot with slides work.