Monthly Archives: June 2016

Skype Users: Time to Switch to Web Call

webcallA couple of days ago, Skype’s connection to our Skype ID join.conference stopped working, and it’s our understanding that it will not be coming back.

If you use Skype to connect to your events, try Web Call instead: it’s free, requires no plugins, and basically works the same way as Skype (with better audio quality). Note that Web Call is available in FireFox and Chrome, but not Safari or Internet Explorer.

Why did Skype stop working? The technology we utilized to connect through Skype was a service called Skype for Asterisk. Several years ago, when Microsoft bought Skype, they announced that support for Skype for Asterisk would be discontinued, but gave no specific timeframe.

Since we already had plans for Web Call and an expansion of phone service to international markets, we weren’t overly concerned. And now Web Call is one of the most popular ways for people to connect.

You can learn more about web call here. 

If you have questions about Web Call, or if you have any problems using Web Call, please contact us in support.