Monthly Archives: May 2016

Simple Technology is Better Technology

frustratedLet’s face facts: a huge number of people get frustrated and confused by technology.

Even if YOU aren’t afraid of technology, I can guarantee you that some percentage of your audience and prospective customers are.

For example, some percentage of people will NEVER download or install an executable file to attend a meeting: either because they don’t know how to do it or they have security concerns.

When your meeting’s about to start, the last thing you want is a prospect calling their teenage daughter because they forgot the admin password that lets them install executable files.

That’s why Instant Teleseminar requires no file downloads to run your meetings: everything works in the browser, including our updated slides and video sharing tool.

But it’s not only easy for attendees, it’s easy for you…and we keep making it easier. For example, we just added a slides preview so that you can view your slide in private, before showing it to your audience. And coming soon on slides: an annotation tool to highlight areas of your slide (back by popular demand!).

You keep seeing simple but powerful innovations from Instant Teleseminar, and more are coming…but we will keep it simple. Stay tuned!