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9 Mistakes To Avoid When Recruiting Affiliates


How can you hook affiliates to promote your teleseminars?

Working with affiliate partners is one of the fastest ways to grow your email list, fill your teleseminars and find new clients.

The problem: how to persuade influential affiliates to send announcements about your teleseminar events to their lists of valued followers.

With an unending landscape of opportunities, affiliate partners have lots of choices about who and what to promote. They simply have to say “no” to a majority of requests.

That means you need to build relationships with affiliates for the long haul.  But you have to start somewhere, and that usually means sending an introductory email.

Later in this article, I’ll give some specific suggestions on how to write those emails. But first, here are a few common mistakes that I see all the time:

Mistake #1: Selling in the first email. Your first contact with a potential affiliate partner should be introductory in nature, more of a greeting than a sales pitch for your idea. Plan on having a couple of back and forth emails before getting into the details of your program or what you have in mind.

Mistake #2: Writing a novel in the first email. This is related to Mistake #1. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten a first email from somebody with pages of dense text explaining some workshop or program. Rule of thumb: No more than three or four lines in an introductory email. Two is even better.

Mistake #3: Assuming it’s all about the money. In my experience, affiliates primarily want a closer and deeper relationship with their own customers, or exposure to new potential customers. Any commission payout is a (very minor) bonus.

Mistake #4: Disregarding schedules. Businesses have marketing calendars and often plan well into the future. Give yourself and your potential partners time. Of course, sometimes a short-notice promotion can fit into someone’s promotional calendar; just don’t expect it to.

Mistake #5: Asking before giving. Before asking them to promote your stuff, first invite them to be a guest speaker for an audience that you provide.

Mistake #6: Dabbling in deal-making. Partnering and deal-making should be a primary activity of any successful business owner.  There’s no substitute for already having relationships with people, built-up over time. So get out to conferences, speak on teleseminars, and be known.

Mistake #7: Taking a “no” personally. “No” doesn’t necessarily mean “never.”

Mistake #8: Assuming you’re too “small potatoes.” People underestimate themselves all the time. Big partners like to discover up-and-comers and have a role in their success. So be confident and take a chance on landing that “big fish” in your niche.

Mistake #9: Taking yourself too seriously: Having fun spills through everything you do, and people (including your potential partners) like hanging out with fun people.

Example First Emails to Affiliates

When contacting a potential affiliate partner for the first time, all you really want is to get a response, either from them directly or their assistant. Keep your emails short and to the point. Remember, no selling yet…get a response, and then connect by phone or send a longer email explanation.

Example Email 1: Reaching out to an Assistant

Subject: Interview

Hello: I’m interested in interviewing Robb for a 60-minute teleseminar program on [Subject].  I would provide the audience, platform and production. Would it be possible to arrange an interview sometime in the next 4 to 8 weeks?


Joel Sanders
Instant Teleseminar

Example Email 2: Reaching out to someone who knows someone you want to work with

Subject: Shannon Ells

Hi Chad: Joel here from Instant Teleseminar. Mike P. suggested we touch base on your experience working with Shannon Ells’ group and her upcoming telesummit. Would you have time for a quick call?

Joel Sanders
Instant Teleseminar

Example Email 3: Reaching Out to an Affiliate with no referral

Subject: Name of conference where you heard them speak, name of book or product, etc.

Hi Betsy: Joel here from Instant Teleseminar. I saw you at [some conference] and have some ideas on ways we could help each other out. Shoot me back a quick email to connect.

Joel Sanders
Instant Teleseminar

Example Email 4: Reaching Out to an Affiliate with a Referral

Subject: Mike Smith

Hi Betsy: Joel here from Instant Teleseminar. Mike Smith suggested that I reach out to you…he thinks we may find some ways to help each other out. Would you have time for a quick call?

Joel Sanders
Instant Teleseminar

Example Email 4: Email From Someone Else Connecting You To A Potential Partner

Subject: Introduction

Betsy, meet Joel, Joel meet Betsy. I think you two should connect, since I know you are both working on similar projects and you might find some ways to help each other out.  I’ll let you two take it from here to see if there are any potential synergies / opportunities.

Mike Smith

Example Voice Mail

Hi Betsy, Joel Sanders here from Instant Teleseminar. I just shot you an email regarding [name of project]. I thought there might be some ways we could help each other out. Shoot me an email back, or give me a call at 555-xxx-xxx.