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18 Ways Teleseminars Grow Your Business

teleseminar types

So many teleseminars, so little time

There are so many ways to use Instant Teleseminar to grow your business, saying that there are just 18 ways is, well, just marketing. But that’s what I came up with in the time that I had to write this post.

The point is: if you’re running out of ideas on creating great content for your business, teleseminars are still the fastest and easiest way for anyone – even “non-techies” – to do it.

You could announce a Q&A call now and hold it before the end of the day, or tomorrow morning. Or you could host a “mini-summit” next week to grow your email list. Or record a list of “FAQs” about your business or life coaching techniques or methods.

The possibilities are really endless.

Here goes:

1. Be a Guest Speaker

Give your signature talk or “preview” call to someone else’s audience as a way to build your list.

2. Host a Guest Speaker

Interview another expert to talk about their expertise. If they’ve done it before, let them provide you with the questions. If not, have a 15 to 20-minute pre-call with them to come up with the list of questions together.

3. “Hot Seat” Call

Invite one of your customers to let you coach them in front of a group. At the end of the call, allow the group to ask questions.

4. “Ask the expert” (you) Q&A Call

One week before your call, send an email to your list with the question, “What’s the biggest question you have on _________.?” Have them ask their questions in the Instant Teleseminar Q&A form, then just answer each question, one by one.

5. “Ask the expert” (some other expert) Q&A Call

This works exactly the same way with an expert. You and your expert both email your lists and ask, “What’s the biggest question you have for (expert) on (expert’s area of expertise)? Again, the easiest way to do this is to have people ask in the Instant Teleseminar online Q&A form before the call begins. During the call, just read the questions to the expert, who then answers them. You can also ask deeper questions based on things the expert discusses.

6. 3 to 6-week workshop

Workshop calls are usually part of a paid program offered after a signature talk or preview call, generally following some multi-step program you’ve developed, but going deeper into each step.

7. Mastermind group call

A mastermind group call brings the expertise of a group – usually 4 to 12 people – to discuss topics and hold each other accountable to specific action steps. Often, Mastermind groups are peers led by one peer (you?). Paid mastermind groups almost always outperform free.

8. One-on-one / Private Client coaching call

One-on-one calls can be recorded, so that clients can go back and review their coaching sessions in between live calls. The value of these recordings cannot be underestimated…they add HUGE value to any coaching relationship.

9. Group coaching call

Group coaching is a version of a Mastermind group, but where the leader (you) is directing the coaching for the benefit of all.

10. Full-day / half-day “virtual seminar” call

An expert or a group of experts give back-to-back sessions on a specific topic, just like a live face-to-face seminar

11.Virtual book tour

If you’re an author, this is a way for you to be a guest on others’ teleseminars as a way to promote your book or e-book.

12. Customer FAQ Call

These are generally short audios or audio+slide presentations (30 seconds to 10 minutes in length) that you create to help customers with frequently asked questions. You would have links to the audios on your website, or embed the audios onto your website. See as an example.

13. Affiliate training call

A call to help affiliates learn about your promotions and answer their questions

14. Quickstart training call

A 20- or 30-minute call that helps customers quickly consume your information, usually accompanied by a PDF handout or other worksheet.

15.Customer Success Testimonials

1 to 5 minute recordings from your customers where they brag about you and your services.

16.Customer Case Study

Basically an in-depth testimonial

45 to 90 minutes with specific and detailed how-to examples.

17. Telesummit

A telesummit is a compilation of other experts’ preview calls, usually lasting one to two weeks with a call every day. Often these are pre-recorded, then broadcast live on AutoPilot.

18.Expert Interview Series

Like a telesummit, but without a beginning or an end you just interview experts on an ongoing basis.