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Which Events Are You Attending in 2015?

live_eventsInstant Teleseminar’s customers aren’t just teaching on our platform, they’re often teaching at live, face-to-face events. In fact, the call to action on a teleseminar is oftentimes signing up for an in-person event.

Of course, the coaches and marketers who use Instant Teleseminar also attend others’ live events to continue to learn, grow, and take their businesses to a new level.

I’ve gone to events not only to learn, but to meet my own customers in person. Events I attended in the last 24 months or so include Kathleen Gage’s Power Up for Profits, Suzanne Evans’ Be the Change, Lisa Sasevich’s Impact and Influence and Event Profit Secrets, Vrinda Normand’s Irresistible Messenger, and Dale Steven’s Self-Directed Learning Unconference.

As I’m planning my calendar for 2015, I’m curious to know where Instant Teleseminar’s customers are going. In the comments below, tell me:

1. Which events are you planning to attend this year?
2. Why?

If you’re hosting an event, tell me about that, too.